Human development from ovulation to implantationI attended Suzanne for 6 weeks prior to a planned IVF treatment for fertility accupuncture. I found the experience very professional and relaxing throughout. The week I was due to start treatment I discovered I was pregnant having been told I would never conceive naturally. I would highly recommend accupuncture to anyone trying to become pregnant who is experiencing difficulties.
A. Westmeath

acupuncture-young-maleWhen our kids show signs of getting sick, we bring them straight to Suzanne, and generally they get better fairly quickly. We don’t wait as long as we would before bringing them to the doctor. They like getting acupuncture – even with the needles – they have been getting it since they were babies, and they really trust Suzanne
Anna and Brian, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

back-painI initially went to Suzanne for acupuncture for chronic long term back pain. She was so professional and gentle and put any of my fears about acupuncture to rest. She worked wonders on my back, neck and shoulders, relieving pain, tension and stiffness. Over the course of treatment, I also noticed a great improvement in my sleep patterns and energy levels. I am enjoying a wonderful new sense of well being for the first time in years. Thank you so much Suzanne.

babyI was trying to conceive for years but nothing was happening until I went to suzanne for acupuncture. I did one acupuncture session and got pregnant. I would strongly advise anyone trying to get pregnant to do acupuncture.
Yvonne, Westmeath

kids-playgroundAfter trying unsuccessfully for many years to have a baby I decided to do my 1st IVF cycle back in 2004. At the time the consultants found no issues that could explain my infertility but unfortunately the IVF too failed. It was then that I read about how TCM and Acupuncture may help to enhance fertility.

In 2006 I decided to start another IVF cycle and this is when I first spoke to Suzanne. After our consultation I started to attend weekly acupuncture sessions with Suzanne and took herbs daily both pre/post cycle. Given my stressful state I found the acupuncture very relaxing and it also helped immensely that Suzanne was empathetic to my situation. I can honestly say that I really looked forward to our weekly sessions. Throughout the whole process Suzanne showed exemplary professionalism and a vast knowledge of infertility.

Now over 6 years later I’m delighted to say that myself and my husband have had 3 little miracles , and we have no doubt that this was due to the guidance and support of Suzanne. Many thanks.
PC, Co Meath

Bigstock_6181361I think it’s fair to say that Suzanne has been our first port of call for all of the family’s health issues since we moved to Mullingar in 2006. We would both have seen TCM practitioners prior to that but we hadn’t brought the children to them – and frankly we weren’t encouraged to. But Suzanne is brilliant with them; sometimes I think they start feeling better from the time they hear we’re going to see her!
A.B. Westmeath

boys-fightingWe were at the end of our tether with our six year old son, I’ll call him ‘Liam’. We had tried all sorts of things with regard to discipline, this was approximately 2 years going on and he was getting worse. His tantrums were very aggressive and he seemed to have no control over them, even to his own detriment. He has wrecked his own precious toys with amazing strength (coming from adrenaline, I guess) plus hit out at me, his Mother, violently. He could not take no for an answer without having a massive fit.

Outside of the home, he was causing trouble in junior infants and outside house playing with other kids. Things like biting, hitting and kicking etc, when he was told ‘no’ to something he wanted or when he didn’t get his way, he was like a simmering pot, ready to boil over, all the time.

We were on a waiting list for an assessment with the psychologist as we were sure something was fundamentally wrong.

About a month before we received the appointment for the assessment we were referred to Suzanne, by another of her clients. Read Liam’s full story here…

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